How Much Should I Train? - EBOOK

Kindle Available


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How Much Should I Train? - EBOOK

Kindle Available




  1. The ultimate guide on how much to train and how to find your own Volume Landmarks. 113 pages in total.

  2. Instructs you on how to optimize Volume Landmarks while in a various diet phases.

  3. Applications of the Volume Landmarks for various sports and athletic career maturity levels.

  4. Includes worksheet templates to track your own Volume Landmarks.


Who is the eBook for?

How Much Should I Train is for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of how to modify training programs for the best results. The Volume Landmarks can be applied to all areas of sport, fitness, and health promotion. This book outlines how to properly dose training volumes in an individually periodized approach, with considerations for dieting and athlete development over time.

What is the difference between this book and The Scientific Principles of Strength Training?

While The Scientific Principles of Strength Training outlines the fundamental principles that govern proper training programs, How Much Should I Train explains how to properly set upper and lower limits to training volume, across a variety of training conditions. Thus explicitly expanding upon many of the ideas introduced in The Scientific Principles of Strength Training.

What are the Volume Landmarks?

The Volume Landmarks are a set of tools to help ensure the athlete is always making progress, by steering clear of both undertraining and overtraining. They also play a vital role in guiding athletes towards progressing in key areas without having to make the sacrifice of deconditioning in others. In a nutshell, the Volume Landmarks provide a clear and unambiguous approach for how to periodize training volumes over time.  

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